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Published on 11 December 2018

Veterans Raffle to the rescue

Last month, a donation from Veterans Raffle was used to replace stolen equipment from one of Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing’s emergency mental health response cars. As well as providing mental health crisis support, Walnut Tree is a CIC and offers recovery activities, coaching and mentoring to emergency services personnel and members of the armed forces with mental health needs such as addiction. With the mantra #BeSmartGetHelp they advocate that mindfulness is critical for veterans and,...

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Published on 6 December 2018

Which are the best veteran charities to donate to?

Which are the best veterans’ charities to donate to? We know that with over 2000 registered veterans’ charities it can be confusing to know which to support. Why should you have to put in so much effort to ‘vet the vets’ charities when all you want to do is a good deed? It can be time-consuming and just plain overwhelming but Veterans Raffle is here to take some of the mystery out of your magical action. There are so many to choose from with specialisms in different area...

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Published on 4 October 2018

Veterans Raffle Enjoys Military Spectacular

On 29 September, some of the Veterans Raffle team were lucky enough to visit Longleat’s Military Spectacular – a wonderful celebration of the armed forces and an opportunity for the public to give thanks. For the second year running, this celebration of the armed services took place over the last weekend of September. As well as playing host to a wealth of impressive armoured combat vehicles for land and sea, interactive demonstrations and rousing musical processions, Longleat provid...

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Published on 25 September 2018

Veterans Raffle Goes Digital

Veterans Raffle Goes Digital with Rebrand A new raffle that provides the opportunity for a feel-good factor double whammy of winning big while donating to charity, Veterans Raffle started in May 2018 with a limited budget for promotion. After being awarded a government grant for digital marketing, and building a community that’s already provided pertinent feedback on the future of the business, this draw has gone back to the drawing board with regard to its marketing strategy. Originally b...

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Published on 1 September 2018

Fortune Knocks Twice!

Fortune knocks twice for lucky Worthing couple  A lucky couple have each won a prize in the new Veterans Raffle, promoted by YES Society. It supports the specialist UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services charities desperately in need of additional funding, and it’s the only UK raffle or lottery to apportion 95% of your donations to charity & prizes.  Mark, a self-confessed petrol head and lover of military aviation, said “I had already pre-registered for the Veterans Ra...

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Published on 11 July 2018

This is the Veterans Raffle

During recent attendance at various Armed Forces events, a few members of the public have mistakenly thought that they were already supporting the Veterans Raffle, but they were wrong! We do not wish to discourage support of any charity supporting our Armed Forces Veterans however none of the existing charities promoting lotteries reward the support of the public to the extent of the Veterans Raffle. We apportion 40% towards Prizes, whereas some lottery promoters are only apportioning @ 3 &ndash...

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Published on 4 July 2018

Veteran Support

Whether you're a Veteran personally or a family member, friend or colleague is, then your support of the Veterans Raffle would not only be appreciated by us, but by the very charities we support to help those Veterans who are in need.

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Published on 3 July 2018

A toast to the June Draw Winners!

7 More lucky winners from the Veterans Raffle June Draw and another donation on it's way to a very worthy cause!

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Published on 26 June 2018

Summer's here & June Draw's near!

Entrants for June are now in & awaiting cleared payments before going through to Saturday's draw. In-between the World Cup football the draw will take place and shortly afterwards at least 7 Winners will receive surprise Congratulation emails & invaluable funds will be once again on-route to support our Good Causes.

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Published on 31 May 2018

Launch of the Veterans Raffle

7 winners from the Veterans Raffle Launch Draw and an unexpected, but grateful donation received by one of our worthy Good Causes.

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