We haven’t received many questions and we like to think that this is because our website makes very clear what we do, why we do it and what’s on offer. However here are a few that have landed in our inbox. These are not necessarily all from those interested in supporting the Veterans Raffle because we have identified questions originating from competitor lotteries!

Q. Why should I support the Veterans Raffle instead of another veterans lottery? 

A. Some charities run their own lotteries and may be a charity that you want to support specifically regardless of the size of their prize pot or the winning odds however, in reality very few charities promote their own lottery, the majority are actually associated with 3rd party management who undertake this role on their behalf and at a significant cost. 3rd parties either take a fixed percentage (cut) of the proceeds or hide what they actually retain by combining their charges with the prize pot; this isn’t a practice that we’d consider ‘open & fair’ at all. The Veterans Raffle doesn’t engage any 3rd party management and doesn’t hide operational costs within the prize fund either. 3rd parties could legally retain up to 80% of the total proceeds pot according to the gambling commission's regulatory terms however we are not aware of any organisation exceeding 50%. The Veterans Raffle apportions up to a UK leading 95% to charity & prizes combined which leaves just 5% retained for total operational costs; no other UK veterans lottery can match that or even come close to that percentage. So in summary, no one is telling you what you should or shouldn’t do however, the Veterans Raffle do apportion the highest percentage to charity & prizes, do retain the lowest percentage in the UK for total operational costs, do have the very best jackpot winning odds, do not operate a rollover, guarantee a winner every single draw, no prize is ever shared and you get to support a UK veterans charity of your chosing.

Q. Are you the veterans lottery?

A. No, we are a completely different organisation and whilst you ask this let's take the opportunity of highlighting some of our differences:

  • We are totally independent whereas their lottery is promoted by Bee-Ethical (formerly MCLS) at a huge cost
  • We apportion up to 95% to charity & prizes whereas their last submitted figures stated only @ 54%
  • We have ‘no’ staff being paid whereas they now have at least 10 including professional fundraisers
  • We give all our entrants 24/7 access to their own online account whereas they don’t offer this facility
  • We give all accounts a ‘Holiday’ break facility whereas that facility doesn’t appear to exist with them
  • We permit entrants to cancel their account without notice whereas they require 30 days’ notice
  • We guarantee a jackpot winner every month whereas theirs is linked only to the occasional rollover
  • We are unique in the UK with the potential of multiple ‘un-shared’ jackpots whereas they only have one occasionally
  • We have spent ‘nothing’ on advertising whereas their current spend to-date is sizeable
  • We fund our supported charities every month whereas they fund random charities every 3 months
  • We have a close-working relationship with all our charities (built on trust) whereas they don’t
  • We allocate funds according to monthly raffle proceeds whereas they use a complex grant application process 
  • We can operate on a fixed 5% operational costs whereas they simply can’t with their current costs being @ 50%

Q. How many people currently play the Veterans Raffle?

A. This is a question that can never be answered accurately as we’re delighted to announce that the number of participants is growing on a monthly basis. Unlike many other lotteries, we don’t have any 3rd party financial support, we started with a very humble 100 entrants (as others have done) but our platform has the potential to grow to a current licensed maximum of 416,666 entrants. We intend growing organically and at a sustainable rate, rather than spend a huge percentage on attracting a large number of subscribers over a shorter period. We want to maximise the percentage of our proceeds that goes into charity & prizes combined. Without the support of the public we won’t have a sustainable raffle to raise invaluable funds for the struggling small veterans charities, so genuinely rewarding the public is of huge importance to us.

Q. What is the monthly cost for me?

A. We like to think that this will be a rarely asked question because our website clearly states that to support the Veterans Raffle you are happy to commit to a £10 per calendar month donation. The draw is always on the last day of every month with the cut-off for inclusion being the 15th and payment taken approximately 4 working days later. We hope that you will continue to support the Veterans Raffle indefinitely or at least for as long as you wish or can comfortably afford. You have the option of taking the occasional ‘break’ or completely deactivating your account at any time you wish 24/7 and without any notice period or encountering any financial penalty. We don’t take annual payments in advance either which means that you stay in control of your personal funds and would never lose money if you did wish to cancel at any time during any year.

Q. How many prizes are there each month?

A. Our website has a page specifically devoted to announcing our monthly draw winners and historical winners too. The winners page is easily located on our website header under the ‘WINNERS’ heading. To respect each persons privacy we don’t totally identify them but simply attach their first name & town to their partial Unique Reference Number (URN). Respecting people’s right to privacy is very important to us and during our research and prior to our launch, one of the most discussed subjects was not always around people’s concerns about being identified as a draw winner, but more importantly the value of their awarded prize. So we respect their wish and if some choose to disclose what they have won publicly then that is totally their decision.

Q. What are your prize values?

A. The minimum prize value is £100 and the maximum £25,000 (when proceed levels permit) as per our Raffle Terms & Conditions (Raffle T&C). What is in the proceeds pot is distributed each month, we cannot magic any additional funds. Everyone therefore understands that as the entrant numbers grow so does the proceeds pot, as does the value of our contribution to UK veterans charities and the number & value of our prizes accordingly. However remember that we lead the UK lottery industry with up to a staggering 95% going to charity & prizes combined. No lottery being promoted by a 3rd party will ever come even close to that percentage ever!

Q. What are the odds of winning a prize?

A. The best jackpot winning odds of any UK lottery! Unique to the Veterans Raffle is jackpot winning odds of 10,000 to 1 and as our Raffle T&C state this gives us market-leading reward potential for all our raffle entrants. Such prize winning potential is only achieved by maximising the efficiency of a fundraising platform and minimising total operational costs. This can never be achieved by any other UK veterans lottery who are reliant on 3rd parties promoting a lottery on their behalf.

Q. Why do you only offer raffle entry by direct debit?

A. Our platform was built on protecting the young & vulnerable, eliminating any risk of crime association and being open & fair. Not allowing children to participate by age restricting participation to 18+ protects the young, not handling cash, cheques, credit or debit cards eliminates money laundering risk and protects the vulnerable too. Direct debit is the safest & most secure payment method available today and by setting a fixed monthly donation of £10 per person means that entry is fair to all. Operating electronically means that every single pound is fully accounted for and operational costs will be kept to an industry low of only 5% and that is how we are exclusively able to apportion up to 95% to charity & prizes combined!

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