Why should I support Veterans Raffle instead of another lottery? 

Some charities run their own lotteries, but most don't, the majority being associated with 3rd party commercial External Lottery Managers (ELM) who undertake this role on the charity’s behalf. Veterans Raffle doesn’t engage an ELM which is why it's able to apportion up to a UK leading 95% to charity & prizes combined. No other UK veterans lottery can match that or come close. So in summary, no one is telling you what you should or shouldn’t do however, Veterans Raffle do retain the lowest percentage in the UK for total operational costs, do have the very best jackpot winning odds, do not operate a rollover, guarantee a winner every single draw, no prize is ever shared and you get to support a UK veterans' charity of your choosing.

Are you the Veterans Lottery?

Veterans Lottery and Veterans Lotto are 2 of the companies registered by our parent company YES Society however, we prefer to use our Veterans Raffle brand as it better reflects our lottery process. There is another organisation that currently also uses the term Veterans' Lottery however:

  • We are totally independent
  • We apportion up to 95% to charity & prizes
  • We have ZERO staff being paid
  • We give all our entrants 24/7 access to an online account
  • We give all accounts a ‘Holiday’ break facility
  • We allow entrants to cancel their account without notice
  • We guarantee a Jackpot winner every month
  • We have the unique potential of multiple Jackpots
  • We do not spend on advertising
  • We support charities every month
  • We have a close-working relationship with our charities
  • We fund according to subscriber numbers 
  • We operate on just 5% costs

How many people currently participate in Veterans Raffle?

We never know exactly how many will be entered into a monthly draw until all the payments have been collected a few days before each draw. The current maximum number would be 416,666 however, regardless of entrant numbers, our Jackpot winning odds will always remain the same due to our unique draw software and operational platform.

What is the cost to me?

£10 per calendar month in support of a chosen veterans charity. The draw is on the last day of each month and cut-off for inclusion is the 15th, with payment taken approximately 4 working days later. There is the option to take the occasional ‘Holiday' break or completely deactivate your account at any time without any notice period or financial penalty. There is no annual payment option.

How many prizes are there each month?

The winners page is located on our website header under WINNERS. To respect winners privacy we only display first name, town and partial Unique Reference Number. Respecting people’s right to privacy is very important to us which is why their awarded prize value is not disclosed by us. So we respect their wish but if some choose to disclose what they have won publicly then that is totally their decision.

What are your prize values?

The minimum prize value is now £120 and the maximum £25,000. What is in the proceeds pot is distributed each month. As entrant numbers grow so does the proceeds pot, as does the value of our contribution to UK veterans' charities and the number & value of our prizes accordingly. We lead the UK lottery industry with up to a staggering 95% going to charity & prizes combined. No lottery being promoted by a 3rd party will ever come even close to that figure!

What are the odds of winning a prize?

We have the best Jackpot winning odds of any UK lottery! Unique to Veterans Raffle are Jackpot winning odds of 10,000 to 1. Such prize winning potential is only achieved by maximising the efficiency of our fundraising platform and minimising total operational costs, which means managing everthing ourselves.

Why do you only offer raffle entry by direct debit?

Our platform was built to protect the young & vulnerable, to eliminate risk of crime association and to be open & fair. Not allowing children to participate by restricting participation to 18+ protects the young, not handling cash, cheques, credit or debit cards eliminates money laundering risk and protects the vulnerable too. Direct Debit is the safest & most secure payment method available today and by setting a fixed monthly donation amount of £10 per person means that entry is fair to all. Operating electronically means that every single pound is fully accounted for and operational costs will be kept to an industry low of only 5% and that is how we are exclusively able to apportion up to 95% to charity & prizes combined!

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