What is the Veterans Raffle? 

The Veterans Raffle is a totally independent not-for-profit brand established to help fund specialist UK charities that support ex-forces & emergency services veterans who are suffering from mental health-related conditions such as PTSD, complex injuries such as loss of limb and those who find themselves out of work & homeless. This is a veterans lottery like no other; in the UK it gives the highest combined percentage to charity & prizes, it has the best jackpot winning odds, it is the only UK lottery to have the potential to award up to 8 jackpots per month, (when entrant numbers permit), has the lowest operating costs in the UK due to being one of the only lotteries not to have a 3rd party profiting from or promoting their lottery unlike any other veterans lottery! 


Who does the Veterans Raffle support?

There are currently eighteen supported charities but that figure will grow as support for the Veterans Raffle increases. You select your preferred charity to support during the online registration process. Charity funding is attributed according to supporter preferences, so the more support a charity receives the greater their monthly sum. The Veterans Raffle have no affiliation to any UK charity which means that every supported charity is treated equally. The Veterans Raffle provides regular unrestricted funding to help secure their chosen charities future services, unlike any other veteran’s lottery who appear to adopt the practice of simply providing the occasional grant to a vast number of organisations on an ad hoc basis. Being 'Open, Fair & Totally Impartial' are extremely important when supporting the veteran community, as to favour any particular charity, is to disadvantge the rest. It is unfortunate for many, that a few do not adopt this important principle. The Veterans Raffle's support to charity is directly linked to the growth in its popularity, which means that the more people who enter the raffle, the greater the funding to charity.


How much of my money goes to charity?

No other veterans’ lottery currently offers a greater percentage to charity than the Veterans Raffle and this is due to the Veterans Raffle not having any 3rd parties with financial interests involved. The simplicity of the Veterans Raffle funding platform and the extremely low banking charges secured, due to only offering entry via direct debit, keeps both security and costs to an absolute minimum. As a result, no other UK lottery apportions anything close to the Veterans Raffle's 95% of total proceeds to charity & prizes combined - retaining only 5% for total operational costs. These are exceptional figures when compared to any other UK Veterans lottery, some of whom retain anything from 22% to in excess of 45% for their operational costs but aren't too comfortable with the public knowing about this. 


Is the Veterans Raffle different to other lotteries?

Oh Yes. Apart from the Veterans Raffle it would appear to be a common practice for a veteran’s lottery to encourage participation by extensively highlighting a growing jackpot. There are those who even suggest that odds of winning a jackpot would be greatly improved with additional entries. Such encouragement bolsters the lottery profits however, it may also lead to harming those with a disposition to addictive behaviour such as gambling. The Veterans Raffle very intentionally doesn’t accept entry/participation with cash, cheque, debit or credit card and it also doesn’t accept annual payments either. Their chosen payment process eliminates any associated theft risks or harm to anyone who may require a break from play periodically or without warning, due to personal circumstances. 

Here is a summary of the Veterans Raffle entrant conditions: 

  • 18+ so no child participation
  • Online only access
  • Direct debit only entry
  • A monthly donation that is equal to all & capped at £10
  • £10 pcm equates to only £2.30 pw which is less than a single latte
  • Holiday breaks available at any time
  • If you have 3 failed payments in a row = exclusion 

A financially vulnerable person would therefore struggle to successfully enter the Veterans Raffle based on the strict registration criteria. However, they could very easily choose to participate in most other UK lotteries from as young as 16yrs old and with hardly any significant protection to prevent/deter them from participation beyond their means! 

The important thing to recognise is that the Veterans Raffle is only interested in providing consistent funding support for their small specialist ex-forces & emergency services charities. As an additional funding source, lotteries are invaluable and here to stay; but they need much tighter regulation as outlined above. 

The Veterans Raffle guarantees that public support isn’t taken advantage of either by apportioning up to 95% of the total proceeds into the charity & prize fund. Evidence that no one is profiting from the public’s generosity and that prizes are genuinely being awarded! 

However, all the above is only achievable if people continue to support their chosen good causes via the Veterans Raffle, and that we all work together to help spread awareness and encourage participation. 


How do I play the Veterans Raffle?

The Veterans Raffle is only entered online by setting up a monthly £10 Direct Debit.  This method guarantees safe and secure payment and protects the vulnerable from exploitation as they cannot enter twice or be enticed into paying any additional amount to chase a rollover etc. Once you have completed the online registration process you are sent a confirmation email with a unique membership number and your very own online account, which you have total control of 24/7. You will then be automatically entered into all the monthy prize draws, which are drawn on the last day of every month.   

Winners are automatically notified via the contact@veteransraffle.uk email address in which your BACS details are requested for your prize money payment to be transferred into. If no response is received from the email then an SMS is sent via 07982 617582. If no response is received via both notification methods, then every effort is made to speak with the winner on the same phone number as that used for the SMS.  


Were can I see the Veterans Raffle draw results?

The Veterans Raffle results are published on their website and accessed via the WINNERS heading on the top of the front page. Winner results are also regularly publicised on their various social media platforms following each monthly draw. 


What if my contact details change?

You can update your contact details or put your account into 'Holiday' mode at any time by logging into your Veterans Raffle account. You have total freedom to 'come & go' as you please. There are no contracts to tie you down and restrict your movements and no notice periods if you choose to stop participating completely.

Enter Raffle or if you prefer contact@veteransraffle.ukEnter Raffle

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