What is the Veterans Raffle?

The Veterans Raffle was established to fund charities that support veterans suffering from mental health-related conditions such as PTSD, complex injuries such as loss of limb and those who find themselves out of work & homeless.

Which charities does the Veterans Raffle support?

There are currently ten supported charities.  You can select your preferred charity during online registration.  Charity funding is attributed according to supporter preferences.

How much of my money goes to charities?

The Veterans raffle is the only UK raffle or lottery to apportion 95% of your donations to charity and prizes - retaining only 5% towards admin and marketing costs. This compares to other lotteries who retain anything between 22% to well in excess of 55% for their total operational costs.

How do I play the Veterans Raffle?

The Veterans Raffle is entered online by setting up a monthly £10 Direct Debit.  This guarantees safe and secure payment. Once you have completed online sign-up, we will send you a confirmation email with your unique membership number and online account, (which you have total control of). You will be entered into the prize draw every month which is drawn on the last day of the month.  

Winners are automatically notified via the contact@veteransraffle.uk email address in which we’ll request BACS details for your prize money payment. If no response is recieved to the email, we will contact you by telephone via 07982 617582.

What if my contact details change?

You can update your contact details by logging into your Veterans Raffle account.

Where can I see the raffle results?

The Veterans Raffle results are published on our winners page following each monthly draw.

Who is YES Society?

YES is an acronym for Your Emergency Services.  YES Society is a non-profit organisation founded by retired frontline Police Officer, Christopher Hearn, for the sole purpose of fundraising for former members of the UK Armed Forces & Emergency Services. YES Society holds the licence to promote the Veterans Raffle.

What makes the Veterans Raffle different?

It is the only UK veterans raffle that supports those of the armed forces and also the emergency services.

How is Veterans Raffle different to a lottery?

The Veterans Raffle uses a computer software version of a traditional raffle where your name is drawn from a hat.  Lotteries operate by using a number sequence and for those with a disposition to addictive behaviours, this could be the gateway to riskier forms of gambling.  

The Veterans Raffle do not operate a rollover which means guaranteed prize winners every draw, every month.

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If you have a question, please contact us at contact@veteransraffle.uk

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