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Huge numbers who have served our country find themselves out of work, homeless, in debt and/or struggling with mental health issues such as PTSD.

Veterans Raffle supports UK specialist charities that provide a vital lifeline to those in greatest need. 95% of Veterans Raffle proceeds goes towards charity & prizes combined, this is significantly more than any other UK veterans lottery.

How to Enter this veterans lottery option

How to Enter this veterans lottery option

Click on a red ENTER RAFFLE link found in numerous locations about the website. First complete the full Veterans Raffle registration process and then you'll be securely transferred to complete your direct debit mandate. This process does not involve any contracts nor are there any cancellation notice periods. Once your one-off verification payment of £1.95 has cleared and your identity confirmed, you'll be ready to go. Around the 20th of each month you'll receive an email to remind you of our intended draw. Approximately 5 days later you'll be notified by the Veterans Raffle that your £10 donation has been taken from your account. On the last day of each month your name will be automatically entered into all the Veterans Raffle Prize Draws with the potential to Win from £100 up to £25,000. If you're one of our lucky draw winners you'll receive an instant email notification moments after the draw from If you don't respond to our email then we'll sent you a SMS via 07982 617582. If we don't receive a response to either then you'll receive a telephone call from us via the same SMS mobile number. So you see that every draw has a guaranteed worthy Winner with this veterans lottery, which is why the Veterans Raffle is now the preferred option of choice!

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How your donation makes a difference

By entering the Veterans Raffle you will support UK veterans charities most in need of your help - Small, local-volunteer run charities struggling to make ends meet. A veterans lottery is supposed to provide regular funding as this is critical to small charities continued success in providing invaluable services. The Veterans Raffle deliberately chose not to follow the old traditional veterans lottery grant application route because it's said to be too slow, outdated and broken. Also such scattergun funding simply doesn't provide a charity with any long-term financial security anyway. Veterans Raffle instead chose the KISS principle, and trust all its supported good causes to make best use of their donations!

These are our current UK charities, that with your help we can help fund: Enter Raffle

Building Heroes
Forces Online
Forgotten Veterans UK
Help A Squaddie
Phoenix Heroes
Service Dogs UK
The Tommy Atkins Centre
The Walnut Tree Project
Veterans Association UK
Veterans Outreach Support

We’re extremely grateful for the Veterans Raffle support. The Veterans Raffle provides crucial funds for the valuable work that we do. I’m particularly impressed with the percentage that is given to charities like us.

Tony Hayes, CEO & Founder of the Veterans Association UK

Win from £100 up to £25,000

The Veterans Raffle isn't like your typical veterans lottery. The Veterans Raffle doesn't use a complex number sequence like with a veterans lottery, with additional hurdles like bonus balls or matching the order that numbers come out. A traditional type of veterans lottery tends to add further disadvantages with the top prize being linked to a rollover. The Veterans Raffle doesn't mess you about they just keep things plain and simple. There's a winner every single draw because they put all the entrants names into every draw. All entries, draw results and prize notifications are electronic which means that there's never a lost ticket or an unclaimed prize; just happy loyal supporters every month!

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