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Huge numbers of British ex-forces who have served our country find themselves out of work, homeless, in debt and/or struggling with mental health issues such as PTSD.

Veterans Raffle provides UK Armed Forces & Emergency Services specialist charities with a free online lottery platform facility to attract additional public support and to help secure a new & vital funding lifeline, without which they cannot support veterans in the community with the continued help that they truly need & deserve.

Something that cannot be stressed enough though is that up to a staggering 95% of Veterans Raffle proceeds goes back into the combined charity & prizes pot. This is significantly more than any other veterans lottery within the United Kingdom. Most lotteries typically only manage to apportion around 50% to charity & prizes combined due to not managing their lotteries themselves.

The Veterans Raffle doesn't claim to be the very best lottery platform on offer however, figures would suggest that they are deserving of that accolade!

Support for the Veterans Raffle and our listed Good Causes is growing nationally and for very good reason indeed. We are truly the No.1 UK lottery to benefit veterans who are most in need. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see why so many people are now switching to the only fully online Veterans Raffle.

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Step 1. Complete the Registration page and press submit

Step 2. Complete a direct debit mandate

Step 3. Donate £10 per month to your chosen charity

With up to 95% of your monthly donation going into the charity & prize pot you'll be making a huge difference to veterans lives and at the same time you could Win yourself up to £25,000 each month too.

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How your donation makes a difference

By entering the Veterans Raffle you will only support UK veterans charities most in need of your help - small, local-volunteer run charities struggling to make ends meet. A national veterans lottery is supposed to provide regular funding as this is critical to small charities continued success in providing invaluable services.

The Veterans Raffle deliberately chose not to follow the old traditional veterans lottery grant application route because it's not just said to be unnecessarily time-consuming and over-complicated, but it's outdated, unreliable and broken. Also such scatter-gun funding simply doesn't provide any charity with long-term financial security. Veterans Raffle instead chose the KISS principle and trust all its supported good causes to make best use of their unrestricted funding, generated by use of this online raffle platform!

The Veterans Raffle isn't like your typical veterans lottery. The Veterans Raffle doesn't use a complex number sequence, with additional hurdles like bonus balls or having to match the order that numbers come out. A traditional type of veterans lottery tends to add further disadvantages with the top prize being linked to an unfair rollover too.

The Veterans Raffle doesn't mess people about they just keep things plain and simple. There's a winner every single draw because they only put valid entrant names into each draw. All entries, draw results and prize notifications are electronic which means that there's never a lost ticket or an unclaimed prize, just happy loyal supporters every month!

These are our current UK charities, that with your help we can help fund: Enter Raffle

The role of our out of hours’ response car service is to battle the risk of suicide. Having had a vehicle vandalised recently, the donation from Veterans Raffle came at just the right time. It’s allowed us to hit the ground running, replace stolen equipment and continue to provide the out-of-hours’ service to veterans in need in some of the remotest parts of East Anglia and Suffolk.

Luke Woodley, CEO Walnut Tree Project

I was delighted when I heard I’d won a cash prize. I entered Veterans Raffle to support smaller veterans’ charities most in need, I think it’s a wonderful idea and admirable venture. Winning was a bonus, a really nice one!


Having been an army wife for seven years to my husband who served 17 years with the REME, I wished to offer support of Veterans Raffle and the charities they help.


We saw the Veterans Raffle advertised locally and upon visiting their website we instantly became aware of just how little we knew about lotteries in general, including those we had been supporting for years. With such compelling facts right before my eyes, it became a ‘No-Brainer’ to switch my support to the Veterans Raffle.

Catherine - NHS Nurse

I saw that money was going to smaller, more needy charities. I like the fact that charities have been hand-selected too, for offering worthwhile specialist support to veterans.

Nick Bartlett, @TheCoffeeCamp Proprietor

In 2018 we started work on the Basha Project, so our donations from Veterans Raffle couldn’t have come at a better time. A veterans’ residential retreat at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth and Southsea, this is somewhere for veterans to spend time with others who may be dealing with similar issues and gain access to mental health support as well as advice on housing, benefits, and careers. Whether our veterans come to learn a new skill or seek the comfort and support of like-minded folk, we have high hopes for the Basha Project and Veterans Raffle is helping us to achieve them.

Gary Weaving, Forgotten Veterans UK

The Veterans Raffle have been with us from the very start of our journey, the support that we have received to date has made life changing differences allowing us to develop as a new non-profit organisation and deliver our support services to our veterans and their families. We are extremely pleased that the Veterans Raffle will be sponsoring our first ever annual carp fishing shield trophy event which will help many of our veterans. We owe so much to the Veterans Raffle so please show your support by signing up!

Gary Stockton, Phoenix Heroes

My Grandfather fought in the Somme and died years later of suspected trauma (PTSD). My Father served on HMS Belfast '41 - '46 and my uncle flew in the RAF. Never played any lotteries before but felt compelled to support Veterans Raffle.


I have always supported Veterans and seen lots of charities advertising for regular donations by playing lotteries or raffles etc. I picked this one to sign up for because of the high percentage that actually goes to the charities and because of the chosen charities it supports - independent charities, not so well known, and  they are supporting themselves and making a huge difference to Veterans lives.


Over the years we’ve become more aware of the issues that a number of our veterans are suffering from. Most people don’t have to look back too far to find family links to the military and wonder if they too had suffered as a result of their service? So when Veterans Raffle came along we felt it was an ideal opportunity to help support lesser-known veterans groups. I’ve already won 2 cash prizes and that’s been a real bonus!


I previously lived in Northern Ireland and I saw how badly soldiers and police were treated during many decades of conflict.... I instantly knew Veterans Raffle was something I wanted to support.

Veterans Raffle Entry SummaryVeterans Raffle Entry SummaryVeterans Raffle Entry Summary

Veterans Raffle Entry Summary

Click on a red ENTER RAFFLE link found in numerous locations around the website.

First complete the Veterans Raffle registration and then you'll be securely transferred to complete your direct debit mandate.

This process does not involve any contracts nor are there any cancellation notice periods.

On, or soon after the 15th of each month you'll receive an email to remind you of our intended draw. Approximately 5 days later you'll be notified by the Veterans Raffle that your £10 monthly donation has been processed.

On the last day of each month your name will be automatically entered into every Veterans Raffle Prize Draw with the potential to Win from £100 up to £25,000.

If you're one of our lucky draw winners you'll receive an email notification a few moments after the draw, from

If you don't respond to our email then we'll sent you a SMS via 07982 617582. If we don't receive a response to either then you'll receive a telephone call from us via the same mobile number.

So you see, every draw has a guaranteed Winner which is why the Veterans Raffle is now the peoples lottery choice!

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