Help A Squaddie is a registered charity established to help provide accommodation and housing to veterans. 


They later expanded their services to help veterans’ families, especially those who are economically as well as socially disadvantaged.


They offer services to veterans to help improve their quality of life, to tackle social anxiety, empower them with new skills and provide therapeutic aid when needed.


Other agencies are engaged as/when required and work with Help A Squaddie to ensure they deliver the assistance each veteran requires.


One unique way the organisation assists veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is by motivating them to exercise, as exercise can help relieve symptoms.


The initiative developed a scheme to sponsor several veterans with gym membership. This maintains fitness while helping with a disorder too. All such activities help to reduce the tragic current suicide rates among veterans.


The under listed are the various tactics and strategies of this foundation:


·       Providing companionship when in need


·       Support in times of need to help veterans through times of mental crisis such as PTSD, depression, social isolation and addictions


·       Combining resources by working with other organisations to ensure the best possible care


·       Working extensively to help provide employment for service leavers in order that they achieve independence


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a significant issue for the veteran community and one of the supporting roles of Help A Squaddie.


Normally, after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event a person may take a while to recover, but they do at least eventually recover. With PTSD there is no cure, it is a symptom for life and if not supported by trained professionals such a condition will continue to worsen which is why if left untreated/unsupported it is resulting in suicide at an alarming rate.


Many PTSD suffering veterans develop the disorder after they leave the forces, during the transition period back to civilian life. Coping with life outside the military, especially if socially isolated, can be extremely difficult for some!


Recovery is a journey, where individuals progress at different paces. Professional therapy, as well as identifying mechanisms to better cope with the condition, are the only way for anyone suffering with PTSD to get through the process of renewing their mind and transforming their lives. You learn to cope & live with the condition, to minimise its negative effect on your quality of life, but PTSD is always with you, no matter how minimal or severe your initial diagnosis.


You can donate directly to Help A Squaddie or for just £10 pcm you can support them via  Veterans Raffle

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