Help a Squaddie


Help a Squaddie is a registered charity organisation that was established initially for the main purpose of providing accommodation and housing to veterans.


Then they opened up to helping veterans and their families, especially those who are economically as well as socially disadvantaged develop skills and competence such that they are equipped enough to know their needs and assist to help meet them.


They offer services to veterans to help improve their lives, to tackle social anxiety, empower them with new skills and provide therapeutic aid when needed.


Now, they engage other agencies and work with them to ensure they can deliver and provide the assistance they promised.


One unique way the organisation assists veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder is by motivating them to exercise as exercise helps relieve them of symptoms.


The initiative developed a scheme to sponsor a number of veterans on gym membership to keep fit while helping with their disorder, all in the attempt to reduce the suicide rates among veterans.


The under listed are the various tactics and strategies of this foundation:


·       Providing companionship when veterans need it


·       Showing up in times of need and helping through times of mental crises as in post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and addictions.


·       Helping and supporting in when veterans are in depression, isolation or depression.

·       Combining resources and working with other charity organisations to ensure the best possible care


·       Working extensively to provide employment for service leavers where they can function and make a living


·       Bringing support to the cadets in local communities so they do not feel neglected.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a major problem that the veteran community faces, tackling it is one of the support that Help a Squaddie offer to ex-servicemen.


Normally, after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event, you get terrified, that’s normal and it takes a while to get yourself back but you do eventually as the anxiety reduces with time but with PTSD, it is the reverse, the symptoms and frightening thoughts keep getting worse such that it interferes with your daily routine.


Many of these PTSD veteran victims develop the disorder after they had quit for a while and they have trouble adjusting and coping with life after and outside the military, especially when they end up living in solitude.


Recovery is seen as a journey where people progress at their own pace, as they are reborn through a process of renewing their minds and transform their lives from distressing and traumatic experiences into admirable ones.


In the end, these individuals can dream again and set positive life ambitions for themselves which the organisation also assists and supports.


Help a Squaddie is ready to work with veterans who are suffering from PTSD in any capacity they can, the gym sponsoring as well as clothing, feeding and other things is one of the means they have employed, they haven't left out providing therapeutic support which is important in combating the mental disorder.


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