Forgotten Veterans UK


It is unfair when some people honestly devote their lives to the protection of others by committing to the armed forces and get forgotten afterward.


It is true but sad that the system let these people down in the time when they need the most aid, and then they have families who are also grossly affected.


Seeing old soldiers forgotten and on the streets is heartbreaking - when they more than deserve to be celebrated and living in comfort, this is why there is so much awareness being created for them.


Forgotten Veterans is a charity organisation that devotes its activities to assist the veteran and armed forces members’ community by assisting them in honor of their good sacrificial work.


“Remembering the past, helping with the future.”  


While the organisation looks into time past at the wars and conflict that valiant men fought in and shielded others at the detriment of their own lives, they then look into the future by acting now and helping those of them in need, especially those that have been disregarded.


The UK charity foundation is nongovernmental and non political, their devotion is to serving the veteran community of the armed forces of the United Kingdom and their relations as their families are affected in every way and face the same problems as veterans themselves so are considered as just as important.


The organization raises funds to assist those in need, those in debt, and those in desperate need of support.


Those who were committed to the army, the aim of that no disadvantage should come to those who have served when compared to normal citizens.


We are all beneficiaries of their commitment and contribution to the protection of the nation, we weren’t there when they made those sacrifices but we can all shoulder a little bit of responsibility now by supporting this course.


From private organisations and sole individuals to the whole society, we owe these veterans this obligation, to demonstrate the worth of their participation as best we can.


Forgotten Veterans UK have put it upon themselves to see to it that members of the armed forces -  after all they’ve done - are not confronted with disadvantages in the presence of public services and government carrying out their functions elsewhere.


How does Forgotten Veterans believe this goal can be achieved?


  • Providing companionship when veterans need it

  • Showing up in times of need and helping through times of mental crises as in post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Helping and supporting in when veterans are in depression, isolation or depression.

  • Combining resources and working with other charity organisations to ensure the best possible care

  • Working extensively to provide employment for service leavers can function and make a living

  • Bringing support to the cadets in local communities so they do not feel neglected.


Many find the support of this foundation lifesaving and there are lots of testimonies on their website about how they restored hope to lost veterans, it is a foundation more than worth supporting, for the love of those who shielded us, for the love of our nation.


You can donate directly to Forgotten Veterans or you can support them via the Veterans Raffle.


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