It is unfair when some people devote their lives to the protection of others by committing to the armed forces but get forgotten afterward. It is true but sad that the system lets these people down at a the time when they need it most. Seeing old soldiers on the streets is heartbreaking - they deserve to be celebrated and living in comfort. 



The Forgotten Veterans UK charity foundation is non-governmental and non-political. They are devoted to serving the veteran community of the UK armed forces and their respective families, who are also often affected and share the same problems as veterans themselves. “Remembering the past, helping with the future.”



We are all beneficiaries of their unselfish commitment and contribution to the protection of our nation. We weren’t there when they made those sacrifices but we can all shoulder a little bit of responsibility now by expresing our gratitude. 



Examples of how Forgotten Veterans UK make a difference?


  • Provide companionship and hardship payments when necessary.

  • Go out into the field in times of greatest need and support through times of mental crises.

  • Help isolated veterans who have no one to turn to.

  • Combine the resources of other charities to ensure best practice for veteran care.

  • Facilitate employment training for service leavers to aid self-sufficiency.

  • Support the cadets in local communities so they feel included.


Many find the support of this foundation lifesaving and there are lots of testimonies on their website about how they restored hope to lost veterans, it is a foundation more than worth supporting, for the love of those who shielded us, for the love of our nation.


You can donate directly to Forgotten Veterans or for just £10 pcm you can support them via the Veterans Raffle



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