Forces Online - Veteran’s Directory


Forces online is a combined British military online directory of the website and social media pages that contains information and directory listing on the UK armed forces.


It started out with the name Forces United and as a site for information uploading in 2013.


As the website grew larger, other services were added which included the creation of an online support network for veterans in the United Kingdom.


The website has a social media network that allows people, who are involved in the military or follower of the armed forces to apply, create a profile, interact, connect and chat with members.


Various other websites and group pages have enlisted with Forces Online and set up membership to become a part of their objective which is to announce and make known the services registered organisations have to proffer, and link it to various other websites and social media pages which include Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  


British military organizations use this platform for free and own several blog pages and directories there.


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