Veteran Support

Published on 26 November 2021

Veteran Support

Whether you're a Veteran personally or a family member of a veteran, or your friend or work colleague is, then your support of Veterans Raffle would not only be appreciated by us, but by the very charities we have permitted free us of our fundraising platform and who have devoted their lives to providing the specialist services to those Veterans who are most in need.

A few testimonials from our Good Causes:

Ian Hayden, Phoenix Heroes “As a non-profit Community Interest Company supporting our veterans and their families dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, we were delighted to hear we’d received a donation from Veterans Raffle. The money will help us to fund outdoor group activities for PTSD sufferers, such as horse riding and carp fishing. These community activities help to calm and ground those with PTSD (and their families) so they can regain mental focus and learn to cope with overwhelming feelings. It will also go towards training courses and materials for veterans trying to get back into the world of work. We’re hugely grateful to Veterans Raffle and think it’s a fantastic idea. It’s not always possible for small charities such as ours to get the recognition and support needed but Veterans Raffle is managing to achieve this. Thanks to Chris and the team!”

Louise Purcell, Forgotten Veterans UK “I have always supported veterans and seen lots of charities advertising for regular donations by playing lotteries or raffles etc. I picked this one to sign up to because of the high percentage that actually goes to the charities and because of the chosen charities it supports - independent charities, not so well known, and they are supporting themselves and making a huge difference to veterans lives.”

Luke Woodley, Walnut Tree Project “The job of our out of hours’ response car service is to battle the risk of suicide. Having had a vehicle vandalised recently, the donation from Veterans Raffle came at just the right time. It’s allowed us to hit the ground running, replace stolen equipment and continue to provide the out-of-hours’ service to veterans in need in some of the remotest parts of East Anglia.”

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