Veteran Outreach Support (VOS) accommodates veterans of the United Kingdom and their families by providing centers that can serve as a home where they can come at certain times when they need the support of any kind whether psychological or fiscal, or just for a cup of coffee and a chat.


Ex members of the British Armed Forces and Reserves and other British military bodies have access to this support.


They have an office permanent at the Royal Maritime Club where veterans can access free weekly services, and the other special services that are open once every month on every third Wednesday for five hours from 12:00to 17:00hrs.


The foundation which is based in the Royal Maritime club, Portsmouth began operations mid 2008. Morgan O’Connell, Joe Erskine, Ann Townsend, David Watt with the support of all the Falklands veterans began the Veteran Outreach Support a support group for their clique, to craft an atmosphere and setting that is not formal and members can have access to a range of consoling and comforting services.


Since then, the Veteran Outreach Support has been making this service obtainable and accessible to all UK service personnel.


The Veteran Outreach Support has a team of clinicians at their disposal, who specialise in mental health and know how to relate the service to the armed forces.


What the Veteran Outreach Support is about:


Like us, they are aware that veterans face a number of mental health problems which also affects their families.

It is almost as if they are being hunted by traumatic events from their past life, and many of them find it hard to explain their predicament to others, even when they really want to tell someone about it, who to tell may be an issue.


This is why we at VOS have a team of clinicians that includes Psychiatrist, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists who are all experienced in dealing specifically with the veteran mental condition and have worked with both veterans and currently serving Soldiers.


The activities and method applied during therapy by these skilled clinicians of the Veteran Outreach Support is inspired by more natural procedures where motivation, comforting activities, and encouragement is a handle tool to renew and cleans the minds of the affected individuals of thoughts hunting them, not by drugs but by activities such as ecotherapy, a treatment that inspires the mind.


They have grown in capacity receiving up to 600 visits in a year and have completed a number of applauded worthy services to the veteran community.


A donation from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund enabled them launch a Drop-In service where users can relax and get their welfare attended to.


You can donate directly to Veterans Outreach Support or you can support them via the Veterans Raffle.


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