YES Society, the only totally independent not-for-profit organisation supporting the UK's smaller Armed Forces & Emergency Services veterans charities via their online Veterans Raffle.

In addition, YES Society also own Veterans Lottery and Veterans Lotto to help protect their brand and to significantly reduce public confusion due to other lotteries tempted to unofficially use such branding. 

YES Society have designed and developed a totally bespoke fundraising platform that leads the UK with its combined percentage of support to charity and apportioning of prizes.

No other UK lottery offers free use of its fundraising platform to smaller veterans’ charities and with the option for the public to be able to support their preferred charity too.

There are so many unique features to Veterans Raffle however the biggest highlights are:

  • Up to 95% apportioned to charity & prizes combined
  • A Jackpot prize awarded every month - No Rollovers
  • Multiple Jackpots - One for every 10,000 subscribers

Veterans Raffle isn't promoted by a 3rd party, unlike most other UK lotteries, which is how Veterans Raffle is able to keep its operational costs to just 5%. Did you know that most UK society lotteries spend more than 50% on operational costs, they rarely pay out a jackpot, (because their system makes winning very unlikely), but their inflated jackpots are highlighted to make their lotteries look more attractive against the competition! 

When 3rd parties become involved a huge percentage of the public's monthly donation isn't going towards charity or prizes. 

Most society lotteries are highly creative. They tell you what they want you to know which is why their websites cost tens of thousands of pounds and their brand is professionally promoted all over several media platforms every day. If a lottery told you that charity had benefitted from them to the tune of £4 million, you'd be likely to want to support them but, if they also added that their operational costs were £8 million and the total prize fund was just £200k, you'd potentially have a re-think?

When Veterans Raffle make it clear that up to 95% is apportioned to charity (55%) and prizes (40%), then it's very clear who's benefitting from your support!

Support for the veterans’ organisations displayed & listed on Veterans Raffle website is growing steadily and for good reason. People are Joining Veterans Raffle because they heard about them from a friend, a family member, or co-worker. Veterans Raffle isn’t growing because of “celebrity” endorsements, sponsorships, or big paid advertising budgets, but rather from the most powerful form of advertising on the planet: word of mouth!

Regular donations to charity make dreams become a reality.

Join the Official Veterans Lottery today and watch your contributions make the difference!


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