Veterans Hike CIC was founded in 2020 by Mark Standish, who served in the Royal Logistic Corps with a tour of duty in Kosovo in 1999.

In 2018 Mark was diagnosed with PTSD after suffering the loss of his Father, followed by the tragic loss of his Son.

Veterans Hike

Mark discovered that being outdoors, hiking the trail and wild camping trips was not just therapeutic but also improved his mindset and thus helped to control his PTSD. 

So, with Mark’s background and personal experiences, Veterans Hike CIC was formed. 

Veterans Hike

Veterans from around the UK are encouraged to contact Veterans Hike if they require support and/or to be included in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and camping in the wild. Such activity is a clear route to a happier & healthier lifestyle. 

Veterans Hike host weekend and hiking holiday events throughout the year and, when required, all food and full equipment is provided to those in need too.

Veterans Hike

Veterans Hike create a healthy tri-forces community of like-minded individuals who can empathise, sympathise and enjoy the unique banter that flows enthusiastically amongst veterans.

Veterans Hike have Team Leaders located around the United Kingdom. Team leaders who are themselves veterans.  

Veterans Hike

Veterans Hike sell branded clothing & apparel and host events to help with fundraising. They also receive some public and corporate donations on a direct basis. Whether you choose to donate or participate in a fundraising activity, everything is welcome and greatly appreciated. 

You can donate directly to Veterans Hike or for just £10 pcm you can support them via Veterans Raffle

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