UK Homes 4 Heroes (UKH4H) was founded by Jimmy Jukes MBE.

For 13+ years, Outreach teams have been out on the streets of the United Kingdom in all weathers, helping our homeless ex-service personnel when and where possible.

The London Outreach site was originally set up back in early 2010 outside St John's Church, Waterloo - right opposite the station. For years Waterloo was reported to be the 'capital of the kingdom of the homeless' or 'Cardboard City' as it has also become known as. 


You will now see their Outreach teams all over the city, every Wednesday and Sunday, 52 weeks of the year. You will find them feeding, clothing and giving free advice and help to our homeless ex-service personnel. To-date they have helped house literally hundreds of former service personnel who have fallen on hard times.

UK Homes 4 Heroes Outreach vehicles are custom built with microwave, hot water and washing facilities. All have a 5-star food hygiene certificate and carry first aid kits. Food is served and sleeping bags given out - in fact a full range of kit is carried to provide a lifeline to the lads and lasses rough-sleeping on our streets. ‚Äč


F.A. Albin & Sons repatriated all their fallen heroes from the Armed Forces and funded one of the large Outreach vehicles. 

Former Royal Marine David Lilburn MBE operates a Brighton based Outreach vehicle and other teams operate 3 other vehicles covering a vast area from the West Midlands, to Bournemouth and even helping those in need living in Northern Ireland.


Michelle Thorpe, who possesses the same passion as all the teams at the charity, heads up the Elkins Day Care Centre, in Rotherhithe, a fully functional day centre right in the heart of London where their facilities include providing food, use of television and IT facilities, social engagement and recreational activities with others including use of a gym. They can also take the opportunity of getting help to complete forms and there is a soundproof room to enable private treatment of post-traumatic stress etc.


You can donate directly to UKH4H or for just £10 pcm can support them via Veterans Raffle

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