The Tommy Atkins Centre


The use of the name “Tommy “or “Tom” for British soldiers dates back to the 19th century during the First World War, where it was used for British soldiers as they were termed brave, ‘Tommy’ was the name pronounced when the German or French soldiers refer to the British common soldiers.


Although the origin of the name still has many disputes, the most popular is the account of the first Duke of Wellington who claimed to be inspired by a dying soldier whose name was Private Thomas Atkins.


In more recent days, the name is less frequently used but is still remembered as a generic name for soldiers in the United Kingdom.


The Tommy Atkins Centre was built on this premise and is devoted to supporting the veteran community. TAC, as it is popularly referred to as, provides support and treatment to soldiers who are victims of their own circumstances and past life, they offer housing, treatment, advice, employment, pensions, education, medals and more to veterans of the United Kingdom who are in need of it.


Most importantly, they help veterans who seem to have lost purpose after leaving the field, those suffering from service trauma and other mental issues that develop after they have served; TAC provides both online and face to face therapy.


The foundation is totally an independent veteran aid group that began functioning in November of 2017 in Worcester at the ASPIE center, Sansome walk.


TAC is a veteran center that offers Rewind Veterans Therapy and is also proud to have a physiotherapist, doctor, and therapist.


Combating stress through various means and with the help of the combating stress community, as many veterans have stress management problems.


Although it is only recently that the foundation was opened, the center has been able to record a number of testimonies from veterans who visited the center with their problems and were able to leave a few months later with smiles on their faces, to begin a new purposeful life.


As announced by the founders, the center is open to all veterans who desire to drop by for a cup of tea or coffee and Good Company.


In the scheme of things, the Tommy Atkins Centre has plans to help veterans who ended up in prison or criminal custody by working with the probation service at Worcester and other in-reach teams.


A fundraising initiative was proposed and executed after the opening of the centre at the Chestnut Treehouse, the charity auction was successful in raising the funds that were needed to begin operations and the organization has been functioning since then.


The effort of this organisation was praised by Magistrate and Councilor Mitchell who is a veteran himself and understands how useful and necessary the service they provide is, commended their hard work and empathy towards all veterans and praised the realistic goals the Tommy Atkins Centre has set for themselves and the people.


Pablo and Jane are usually the first resort at the Tommy Atkins Centre in Worcester, they attend to those who come in for assistance and refer them to the proper stations.


After a few months, veterans who came seeking help look at the space where they are and compare where they used to be and can’t stop thanking the Tommy Atkins Centre.


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