The Walnut Tree Project


Veterans from all over the United Kingdom are being treated unfairly at different capacity; this is known to veterans themselves and has been recognised by others not involved in the military.


This situation however has led to the uprising of charity, non government organisations that are solely and genuinely devoted to commemorating the sacrifice of the servicemen and women of the United Kingdom, working hard to stand as pillars where soldiers who didn’t fall and the families of fallen soldiers can lean on, when the system that put them there fails them.


Luke Woodley established one of such organisations – the Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing, a Community Interest Company after he succeeded in rebuilding his own life - having also suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


He is a mental health expert and he works with other health organisation extending help to individuals and veterans that have similar health problems.


At first, in 2016 when the Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing was founded, it was exclusively a veteran response community and devoted its activities to the mental health and wellbeing of veterans in crisis and need.


Subsequently, because of the success of the initiative, it was relaunched to allow non-military individuals to access its services and to assist them as long as they make use of the Walnut Tree’s services.


Luke mentioned during the second launch that it was unfair to keep their services to a small number of people seeing that the majority who are outside the veteran community were in need of the same aid.


What is it that they do?


Basically, the foundation was established to assist Marines, Sailors, Airmen and all those who worked within the armed forces and are being affected adversely in one way or the other by the consequences of the service they offered as servicemen.


The initiative exists to extend support and care for the listed sect of people that are at risk or already have health problems especially mental.


The offer health recovery activities and crisis support for those who have complicated mental health problems which include PTSD, depression, and addictions.


The organisation focuses on bringing down relapse rate and dependence on the various keen mental treatments available now, the activities utilised during the therapy and treatment by the walnut project is inspired from motivation and encouragement where their minds are cleansed, not by drugs but by activities such as ecotherapy, a treatment that comes from within.


A therapy group that is majorly cognitive based was set up by the founder, Luke, Dr. Kingerlee a Psychologist and John King, a mindfulness practitioner.


This team has the knowledge and capacity to properly handle people with impaired mental functioning, and they train affected people to control their own crisis and are constantly looking to become advance so they can render new and better services to veterans and others that need them.


Recovery is seen as a journey where people progress at their own pace, as they are reborn through a process of renewing their minds and transform their lives from distressing and traumatic experiences into admirable ones.


In the end, these individuals can dream again and set positive life ambitions for themselves which the Walnut Tree assists and supports.


In addition, the WTHW (Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing) community ventured into the prevention of suicide and put an anti-suicide squad in place.


Now, in just two years, this suicide response team has proven its worth by preventing 29 different suicide occurrences in 2 years by an intervention. Mr. Woodley, the CEO had said once that no one who is in a suicidal state truly wants to end his life but because of their severe distress what they need is properly trained personnel to attend to their situation and the organization is bringing this to reality.


Why is Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing worth supporting?


Mr. Woodley, the founder of the Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing community mentioned to the public that when he brought the idea of the whole thing, most people said it wasn’t realistic and most likely won’t succeed.


Now he speaks of where they are now, how far they have come and sees only future increase and expansion.


His words were, “to nurture it, see it mature and develop, and get much bigger than we’ve ever thought, is proof that it is successful and the service is needed”.


He mentioned how it would be their delight to open up the foundation to everyone but they lacked the funds to do so.


Walnut Tree offers a unique service and proper funding of the service would bring help to the door of many that yearn for it.


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