Phoenix Heroes is a community interest company (CIC) in Britain, established as a veteran non-profit organisation to provide support to British servicemen and women who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Homelessness and other health-related issues.


The organisation was established upon the premise that veterans on behalf of the government fulfill the duty of protection and security and in doing so, they deserve to be treated fairly and rewarded and not neglected as the case is.


The thing about being a soldier is that if you make it through serving in the armed forces and retire or quit in one piece, getting a life afterward or returning to your old one isn’t always easy, and then there’s the issue of disturbing mental conditions associated with the experience of being a soldier.


The founder and CEO of phoenix hero is an ex-serviceman himself, Gary Stockton, having been in the army almost all his life and in the British Royal Logistic Corps for 22 years, Gary has led and coordinated logistics activity for the United Kingdom forces on very large scales and then he also left the force at the end of a successful military career.


At this point, we can all agree that he has full knowledge and has experienced firsthand how difficult the transition is.


He is genuinely dedicated to assisting veterans and affected families and he is already making a difference.


Phoenix Heroes works alongside other professionals and organisations to support men and women who are veterans as they deal with PTSD.


At present, the organisation is working alongside Hawk Farm, a local association who provide them with several outdoor activities that help with the recovery of these patients during therapy as a means of offering professional aid.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental condition of anxiety disorder that is prompted by frightening and horrifying events.


A person with this disorder will experience severe unease and anxiety, and will relive terrifying events through dreams as nightmares and even flashbacks when awake. It may sound fictional but it is real and it is a disorder common among veterans because of the nature of their profession, especially those that were thoroughly involved in missions on the field.


Normally, after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event, you get terrified, that’s normal and it takes a while to get yourself back but you do eventually as the anxiety reduces with time but with PTSD, it is the reverse, the symptoms and frightening thoughts keep getting worse such that it interferes with your daily routine.


Many of these PTSD veteran victims develop the disorder after they had quit for a while and they have trouble adjusting and coping with life after and outside the military, especially when they end up living in solitude.


Phoenix Heroes is a proud partner of the London Trauma Hub in the fight to combat PTSD as the charity foundation was named to embark on some serious academic and research work as regards the clinical treatment of veterans with PTSD repressing and controlling its symptoms.


The gesture of Phoenix Heroes also extends to veterans who do not have homes not leaving out their families, as homelessness is linked to many health problems.


All these problems are what the Phoenix Heroes foundation deal with ensuring that veterans adjust more easily to the new lifestyle and help them find strength and lead meaningful lives.


You can donate directly to Phoenix Heroes or you can support them via the Veterans Raffle.


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