Phoenix Heroes was founded in 2018 with their primary focus being to provide support to veterans and their families who are finding the transition of leaving the Armed Forces difficult.  They also offer support for mental health, employment networking and veteran community building.

Their strengths are in building veteran communities, their Veteran Carp Angling Club (VCAC) being a great example with hundreds of veterans, serving members and their families now part of this very family focused community.

For the last few years, they have provided through the help of Veterans Raffle monthly fishing events around the UK helping hundreds of veterans and their families.  The fishing events are a door opener to join this community, it is here that their veterans feel safe and reach out to other services that Phoenix Heroes provides.  They have created something very special here where a natural peer 2 peer support community has formed, they are veterans helping veterans!

The Founder of Phoenix Heroes, Gary Stockton, served in the Army, RLC for 22 years and he has deployed to many Theatres of Operations with 16 Air Assault Brigade.   Gary has first-hand experience of adjusting to the transition of leaving the Armed Forces and recognises the difficulties that some may face during this time.

Phoenix Heroes

They are also working with a veteran family who run a local farm, together they will complete projects that benefit their veteran community and service users of the farm, they are building a community and it is growing.

Phoenix Heroes

If you are still serving or a veteran of many years, we are all one big family!

You can donate directly to Phoenix Heroes or for just £10 pcm you can support them via Veterans Raffle

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