Littlehampton Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club AFVBC are not just a breakfast club, (as the name may suggest), but a community of veterans supporting veterans.

They meet twice weekly offering peer to peer support. They manage and operate their own food bank and are an authorised voucher distributor.

They have storage facilities that are used to secure donated furniture and white goods, that are then supplied to veterans in need as/when required.


The Littlehampton AFVBC also provide interim welfare support to those veterans who are awaiting support confirmation/acceptance from one of the larger national charities.

One of the primary purposes of Littlehampton AFVBC is to break any social isolation of any local veterans and therefore to facilitate and encourage shared social integration/participation.


Littlehampton AFVBC support other neighbouring organisations/charities wherever and whenever possible, including signposting veterans to them. They also encourage signposting of veterans from other organisations to themselves.

You can donate directly to Littlehampton AFVBC or for just £10 pcm you can support them via Veterans Raffle

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