Horses & Forces CIC was founded in April 2022 by husband-and-wife team, Alex and Darren Button. Alex is a Clinical Psychologist and worked in the NHS for 15 years and Darren served in the Army for several years. Both have personally experienced post-traumatic stress symptoms. 

They provide bespoke trauma treatment packages to those who are currently serving or who have served in the British Armed Forces and who experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress and associated mental health conditions. 

They support military personnel who have been unable to benefit from public sector service provision for a variety of reasons. They can develop bespoke treatment packages based on social engagement, EMDR and/or Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. They offer therapy at a pace that suits the individual, in a non-clinical, discreet setting, with no limits on the number of sessions. They have the capacity to tailor sessions to meet the individual who attends the farm.

Horses & Forces

Horses & Forces have experienced Clinical Psychologists and EMDR therapists who volunteer their time for both online and in-person sessions. Collectively they have been successfully providing social engagement sessions, individual EMDR and EFP sessions and EFP group sessions.

Horses & Forces

You can donate directly to Horses & Forces or for just £10 pcm you can support them via Veterans Raffle

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