Fishing For Heroes (F4H) has been a registered charity since 2010. It was founded to help armed forces personnel who suffer from emotional issues stemming from their active service.

Fishing For Heroes

F4H provide fully funded fishing courses as part of a package for Veterans and active service personnel who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Combat Fatigue, and other emotional or psychological problems related to or compounded by their active service involvement to our country.

Research has identified that fishing is an effective therapy for PTSD and that a short course of instruction can result in a reduction of up to 20% in related symptoms.

F4H have found that beneficiaries experience an increase in self-worth, helping them to re-establish a sense of balance in their lives and a readiness to play an active part in society once again.

Fishing For Heroes

F4H currently have 9 Regional Coordinators who are each responsible for organising events in their geographical areas. Each Coordinator is both a beneficiary of F4H and has achieved a Lead Coach status through their partnership with the Angling Trust, to a Level 2 qualification.

It can take many years for PTSD to be diagnosed and for sufferers to receive the support they need. F4H want to support as many of those affected by this cruel, and often hidden condition, as they can.

Fishing For Heroes

Although recent campaigns are foremost in people’s minds, any Veteran from any era or conflict is eligible to apply for their support.

You can donate directly to Fishing For Heroes or for just £10 pcm you can support them via Veterans Raffle


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