In 2015 the founder of Families4Veterans (F4V), an online national directory, saw a huge trend in support networks popping up amongst veteran’s social media channels and individually all trying to help the veteran community.

The only thing lacking with all this engagement was ‘organisation’ and a way of combining all these facilities/services so that they could be easily accessed in one central location.

Families4VeteransThe founder had previously been involved with many veteran sites, so he had the advantage of starting F4V with a sound & knowledgeable team behind him and all with the same goal of helping their fellow brothers & sisters in arms.

With PTSD and veteran suicides on the rise it’s paramount that word gets out fast and that more people become familiar with the contacts & services associated with F4V. So the sooner you follow them on Facebook the better!

The F4V Facebook page & website will act as ‘Warning Beacons’ for any missing veteran or veteran in need of help. It will also provide regular updates to upcoming events and cover important/relevant news, issues, veteran charity features, reunions and breakfast groups/hubs etc.

There is the potential to build a network accessible to every single UK registered veteran who has a social media account and to include family members & friends too.

We could all be living with vulnerable veterans in our hometown/village without even knowing it and all because we don’t currently share the same social media group.

Once this network has been established a small group of ‘First Response’ individuals can go to the assistance of any potential local veteran in need and hold the fort until a professional team member can get there to take whatever further action is needed.


When the call comes “We leave no man behind” regardless of service!

Another way F4V intend to help the veteran community is in providing their surplus funds each month to the services offered by local veteran charities/groups. They will also upload features about the dedication and hard work that each of the supported organisations do.

You can donate directly to F4V or for just £10 pcm you can support them via Veterans Raffle


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