Chichester Harbour Veterans Club is run purely by volunteers and their aim is to help veterans to feel supported, both by meeting other veterans socially and by offering to help colleagues in need. 


Their main activity is a monthly breakfast at 09:00hrs on (usually) the third Thursday of each month, where they welcome both members and visiting veterans / servicemen. They use a variety of venues but some of their meetings are at the Thorney Island Sailing Club with the kind permission of the club Commodore: these are self-catering so attending numbers need to be known in advance. Also, as the club is within the army base, the Chichester Harbour Veterans Club need to provide a list of those non-sailing club members; including car registrations. All attendees must always carry suitable ID, such as Driving Licence, Passport etc.


Occasional gatherings also include a short guest speech or presentation, but the main purpose is for local veterans and servicemen (or visiting vets) to get to know each other and offer social and practical support where appropriate. They also arrange occasional visits to forces bases, museums, and other appropriate social meetings. 


Membership is open to all serving members and veterans of the armed forces and affiliated organisations. As their name implies, the club's primary aim is to provide a venue for veterans who live or are associated with communities around Chichester Harbour, but they welcome veterans from any area who would like to share their stories with likeminded people. 


It’s free to join this breakfast club, (, you only pay for what you eat and drink at their meetings, plus a small supplement towards running costs. As the club is run totally by volunteers, their running costs are very low. 


The club is managed by an executive committee elected by the members at their annual general meetings and in accordance with the Club's constitution.


You can donate directly to Chichester Harbour Veterans Club or for just £10 pcm you can support them via Veterans Raffle

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