Building Heroes is a British military charity organisation that demonstrates their dedication through excellent fundraising practice.


It was launched in 2007 to assist and make available better-living facilities for the families of British servicemen who during the course of protecting and serving their country have fallen or been wounded.


Almost all the veterans that were at the Building Heroes program in 2018 were beneficiaries of the building heroes program or still undergoing training in a course.


The fact is, veterans are two times more likely to not have jobs when compared to non-military people of working age, so this service was deemed necessary to make sure these people that many owe their lives are not losing twice.


Right now, unemployed ex-military veterans number up to 120,000 in the UK, with more than 10,000 retiring and exiting the armed forces every year.


These set of people need to be assisted to survive as civilians, to acquire new skills fast enough for them to work with and Building Heroes offers this program.


The aim of this organization is to deal with unemployment, especially among people in the armed forces who have lived their lives to keep others safe, they offer several free training skills that equip these military veterans to begin a new career as a civilian.


The support this charity organization offer is towards acquiring skills and consequently employment in the trade of construction and building.


The choice of the building is basically because this trade option offers a solution to unemployment as the building industry has been reported to be currently facing its peak shortage of skill for the past decade.


Building Heroes charity runs a training program that offers a course covering several different building skills and additional support to painlessly usher ex-servicemen and women into a new workforce and open new doors of employment to them.


This program is a short and rapid one, a rigorous 5-week course on various building and construction skills with lessons on general safety and health in different colleges in the United Kingdom.


Some of these programs include; brick and block work, welfare and safety in construction, plaster boarding, painting, carpentry, joinery and woodwork, tiling, domestic plumbing, decorating, routine maintenance, CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) training, asbestos awareness, rendering and more.


The course puts you on a level 1 qualification in basic construction skills, also endorses you with a level 1 qualification in construction safety and health and CSCS card with which you can work in the building trade.


After the course


Depending on your own aspirations, you would be supported by the foundation in a career line whether as an employer or employee; the foundation will provide the necessary guidance that you need to be successful.


Why is the foundation worth supporting?


The foundation aims to accomplish and is working towards achieving a set of connections of company owners, entrepreneurs and employers in the building trade that accepts and gives working positions exclusively to their graduates.


The Building Heroes foundation is not government owned and is run on charity and fundraising, they are the only providers of this type of service and assistance, their support is needed by all.


You can donate directly to Building Heroes or you can support them via the Veterans Raffle.


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