War Veteran Lifeboat skipper quits RNLI

Published on 22 September 2019

War Veteran Lifeboat skipper quits RNLI

Anthony Kelly has quit the Royal National Lifeboat Institution because it has become gripped by political correctness and is ‘misleading’ the public.

The pub and arcade business manager, who had been a member of the Skegness crew for 14 years said: ‘I have chosen to leave the institution as this culture needs exposing. If I were to do it from within, I would be sacked immediately for being disloyal.’

Last week The Mail on Sunday reported how the RNLI is spending millions on projects abroad, including buying burkinis for Muslim women in Africa.

Now we can reveal that the charity is slashing more than 100 jobs in the UK despite sitting on a cash pile of £126 million.

The disclosures follow clashes between the RNLI leadership and lifeboat crews.

Mr Kelly, who served as a reservist with the Royal Anglian Regiment in Iraq between 2003 and 2004, claimed there is ‘way too much’ political correctness in the RNLI. 

‘You have to be so careful about what you say. You can’t make jokes any longer. If you say anything to anyone that they don’t like, they can get rid of you.’

While he supports overseas programmes, he fears those who donate to the charity assume their money is spent on UK lifeboats.

‘What I don’t like is the way they use lifeboats to fund other things. They use us as a shopfront to get money in. Once it’s in that bucket, they can do what they want with it.’

‘I support training people overseas. I also think most people will not mind a small amount.

‘People are not being told the full story. Whether it’s misleading by omission, it’s misleading,’ he said.

RNLI added: ‘Our international work is reported in our annual reports, on our website and in the media.’


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Article accredited to: Mail Online 21st September 2019

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