Royal Navy veteran viciously attacked by gang of teenage thugs

Published on 21 September 2019

Royal Navy veteran viciously attacked by gang of teenage thugs

Patrick Murphy, 77, was left black & blue when he was knocked to the ground in South Ham, Basingstoke when he was returning home from Lidl on Saturday night.

The grandfather-of-four now says he's too afraid to venture out of his house at night.

He said: "I heard a cyclist coming, so I went to move out of the way then suddenly it was ‘whack’ ‘whack’ ‘whack’ around the head.

"Next thing I was on the floor and my shopping had gone."

The thugs cycled off "laughing and shouting" with his shopping.

Without any onlookers to come to his aid, Patrick picked himself up and made his way home.

He initially didn't contact the police because he "didn't want to cause a fuss," but he was convinced by a friend two days later to report the ordeal.

"I don't go out in the dark normally, but I definitely won't be now."

The former Naval serviceman praised the police who arrived as soon as he reported the incident and they took him straight to hospital.

Since hearing of the attack, Patrick's local community have so far raised £900.

Patrick doesn't have social media so was unaware of the kind-hearted deed until a friend told him.

He said: "I wasn't expecting any of this at all.

"I just want to say thank you to everyone really.

"It has restored my faith in humanity."


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Media source: The Sun 21/09/19

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