Walnut Tree Project take on the Beast in the east

Published on 28 February 2019

Walnut Tree Project take on the Beast in the east

The Walnut Tree Project have added a rugged 4x4 to their fleet of Community Response Team (CRT) Support Vehicles and Veterans Raffle helped to fund the specialist equipment that such a vehicle is required to carry.

On the East Coast of Britain in the remote rural areas of Norfolk and Suffolk the 'Beast' is just what you need to respond in. No matter what the weather, no matter what the terrain, the 'Beast' significantly improves the opportunity to get to the scene in a timely fashion, and time is often the difference between saving or losing a life!

It's both concerning and reassuring when you hear that The Walnut Tree Project are not only increases their CRT fleet but have also now expanded into their neighbouring county of Suffolk. To elaborate on the ‘concerning theme’ we’d like to bring to the public’s attention that there are currently just under 1900 veterans’ charities, all offering a variety of services and to various standards but most still required to make up the shortfall in services by the largest charities.

The smaller charities have two things in common – they want to help veterans but at the same time they’re struggling to raise sufficient funds to be able to meet current demand and to remain operational. This is inspite of the hundreds of millions of pounds that our government awards to veteran charities and the further hundreds of millions donated & raised by the public each year too. The long-standing problem is that only the very largest of charities receive the government funding and the same large charities have very successfully marketed their brand and become household names over the years, which is why you see them featured extensively on TV, in magazines, on all social media platforms and as a result they are the organisations that the public currently favour donating to.

In reality, the largest charities are far less effective in supporting our veterans complex needs than the smaller local specialist charitable organisation. If a large household name says it can cater for all the various complex veterans’ needs, then you’ll regularly find that it’s actually the smaller charities that are undertaking the task because all that happens is that the largest charities refer the veteran to the specialist charity but they don’t offer any financial support, they simply off-load their unsolvable tasks; which are many. We have the balance wrong in this country and without the public’s support it is likely to continue to the detriment of our veterans’ health & wellbeing.  

As demand for the services of Walnut Tree has increased so has their need for additional funding. All we ask is that you consider switching to a lottery that both helps make a huge difference to the financial security of smaller specialist charities and to a lottery that apportions a much larger percentage to charity & prizes combined - No other UK lottery comes even close to the ~95% combined; achieved by Veterans Raffle.

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