What Forgotten Veterans say about us

Published on 20 January 2019

What Forgotten Veterans say about us

Gary Weaving, Founder & CEO of Forgotten Veterans UK says “In 2018 we started work on the Basha Retreat Project, so our donations from Veterans Raffle couldn’t have come at a better time. The Basha Project is a veterans’ residential retreat at Fort Cumberland in Portsmouth and Southsea, this is somewhere for veterans to spend time with others who may be dealing with similar issues; and gain access to mental health support as well as advice on housing, benefits and careers. Whether our veterans come to learn a new skill or seek the comfort and support of likeminded folk, we have high hopes for the Basha Project, and Veterans Raffle is helping us to achieve them.”

The grand opening of the Basha Retreat was attended by MPs, council leaders and soldiers from the Regiment Royal Artillery, as well as the wife of a veteran who took his own life. The project, launched in conjunction with Historic England, means veterans will be able to camp out at the fort to help their recovery. The stunning location will have specially trained support staff on hand, the opportunity to share experiences with other like-minded individuals, as well as providing a strong network of support to fend off isolation and loneliness.

The centre will be made up of transformed casemates – fortified structures from which guns used to be fired – and will include a safe room, kitchen as well as communal area with pool tables, television, game stations and sofas. The organisation seeks to help veterans in any way possible including issues such as debt management, housing, food problems, food and hardship vouchers. Veterans will also have access to specially trained mental health professionals. But the retreat’s crowning glory is perhaps its ‘basher base’ – an outdoor camp area where veterans can come together around a fire and share stories.

Extract from: https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/new-military-retreat-to-help-veterans-opens-1-8719269

We at Veterans Raffle are so proud to be supporting such a dedicated team of committed individuals at Forgotten Veterans UK. Our two organisations work very well together and obviously complement each other. This is a classic example of where 'Teamwork makes the Dream Work'. Our Veterans Raffle logo and banners are on virtually every page of Forgotten Veterans website and they help spread awareness of Veterans Raffle on various social media platforms every day which, is how they have amassed their public support of Veterans Raffle over such a short period. Effort like this, (from our chosen good causes), is how we’ve been able to maintain our regular unrestricted funding to their organisations. Our online funding raffle is a very simple process of ‘The more entrants we have the more funds are available for charity and the more prizes are available for the raffle. It’s a win win all-round.

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