Veteran raised from the ashes

Published on 10 January 2019

Veteran raised from the ashes

Veteran Raised From The Ashes Thanks to Tommy Atkins Centre

It was just a few short months ago that Geoff Thompson, 59 walked in to the Tommy Atkins Centre in Worcester and told the staff that he was homeless, hungry and haunted by his past.

Fast-forward to 4th January 2019 and Geoff set off to Bedford to begin a new career with Dunster. He walked away smiling and thankful for the small veteran centre who turned everything around. Geoff spent his time in the army with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers seeing service in Northern Ireland. But during November, he found himself on his own and sofa surfing with no idea where he would end up from day to day. Mentally he was already suffering from military trauma but with the added pressure of feeling hopeless he finally gave up.

He was recommended, through the Worcester Veterans Breakfast Club to go to the TAC where Pablo and Jane took him on. Pablo took him straight to the council offices and within a few hours he was given a room at the local Premier Inn. From there Jane sorted him with some food vouchers and put him in front of Dr David Muss who got to work on him with the Rewind Trauma Therapy. It took just a few short sessions before Geoff began to bring himself back from the brink.

Over the next few weeks Pablo and Jane would ensure he was safe, fed and got to all of his appointments with doctors, interviewers and support workers until Pablo, through the Sandbag Times spoke to Robb Seber from Dunster House Ltd. Robb was after veterans who were down on their luck to relocate and employ them into a new project. Within a few short days, just before Christmas, an interview was arranged in Worcester. Geoff met all the criteria laid out by Robb and on 4th January, he headed off out of Worcester to a brand-new life.

Geoff was asked about the impact the Tommy Atkins Centre had on him over the past months.

“I have never been so far down in my life. My whole world had collapsed, and I honestly thought I was at the end of it. In fact, it crossed my mind that it would’ve been better if I wasn’t here anymore. As a veteran, I had my pride and didn’t want to ask for help but a mate of mine told me to go and see the Tommy Atkins Centre. In short, they completely saved my life. Not only did they save it but helped me to get my life and dignity back. Everything about them was professional and compassionate but very effective. Just a big thank you.”

For more info on the Tommy Atkins Centre visit their website at: or email them at

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