A Bumper month for the Veterans Raffle

Published on 2 January 2019

A Bumper month for the Veterans Raffle

A bumper month for the Veterans Raffle and bucking the national trend for December for a lottery too.

It was so encouraging to see entrant numbers for the Veterans Raffle hit an all-time high during the festive period and great to be able to award another seven lucky subscribers a draw prize so soon after Christmas day. What a lovely way to end their Christmas holiday period going into a new year on a high and with some money in their pockets must be a rare thing these days too, but nevertheless very welcome and rewarding I’m sure. Three of the December draw winners had won previously too so it was a very unexpected additional surprise for those few.

In addition to the draw prizes we were also able to provide a donation to each of four of our Good Causes this month, four charities who actually work very closely together and really complement each other too. Their donations were also enhanced due to YES Society receiving a bonus donation from a private trust who awarded us a grant just in time for Christmas!

One of the December winners said "It's great to give back to the men and woman who put their lives on the line for us. This is just a small way we can say thank you. It's not about winning; it's about supporting a good cause" Nicolaas – SUDBURY

This is what the Veterans Raffle is all about; happy subscribers, delighted charities and warm endorsements for us too. We’ve got off to a perfect start with the Veterans Raffle and our support is growing daily with entrant numbers increasing all the time. It’s nice to see that organic growth is still achievable in this day and age, and that an organisation doesn’t actually have to spend a fortune on advertising and marketing just to secure public support. We believe that informed decisions are made by people who recognise your qualities and are therefore happy to lend you their support. More people are joining than leaving so we must be doing something right.

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