Which are the best veteran charities to donate to?

Published on 6 December 2018

Which are the best veteran charities to donate to?

Which are the best veterans’ charities to donate to?

We know that with over 2000 registered veterans’ charities it can be confusing to know which to support. Why should you have to put in so much effort to ‘vet the vets’ charities when all you want to do is a good deed? It can be time-consuming and just plain overwhelming but Veterans Raffle is here to take some of the mystery out of your magical action.

There are so many to choose from with specialisms in different areas and so many questions that will be whizzing through your mind that you’ll probably opt for sticking a tenner in the closest collection tin or choose to donate online to one of the charities you’ve heard of because they’re reputable and presumably safe?

But what about the smaller charities? The ones that are still doing excellent work but don’t have the marketing budgets to get banners and collection tins on every street corner? Fact is, these smaller volunteer-run operations are probably the veterans’ charities that most need your support.

Veterans Raffle already supports ten charities that are in need of your donations, here’s some of the criteria we use to identify the veterans’ charities that most need a helping hand:

  • Location – They say charity begins at home and, to a certain extent, that’s true. The Founder of Veterans Raffle was inspired by his own experiences and some of the charities that he’s chosen for Veterans Raffle to support operate in his home county of West Sussex. But, as Veterans Raffle has grown so has the reach of our support, to a national level.
  • Size – Small charities, CICs and not-for-profit ventures run by small teams with minimal resources, and who perhaps rely heavily on the kindness of volunteers to keep ticking over, need a share of the honey pot. Veterans Raffle makes sure that these smaller charities get help with the funding they most desperately need, by offering them an additional and invaluable revenue stream.
  • Specialism – Perhaps it’s a homeless veterans’ charity or a veterans’ mental health charity, sometimes those charities with niche areas can have the least support but provide a hugely valuable service to a smaller concentration of people, but also to the larger charities who lack their skillset or facilities. Whether they concentrate on helping those with PTSD or provide veterans with employment opportunities, these charities are worthy of our collective support.

The top 10 veterans’ charities worthiest of your money, and why

  1. Building Heroes – With more than 120,000 unemployed military veterans in Britain and a growing shortfall of skills in the construction industry, Building Heroes provides training to military  veterans and support into employment in the building trades. In their own words, they: “tackle unemployment amongst those who have kept us safe by offering them a seamless transition to a new career in construction”. 
  2. Forces Online – A registered non-profit making organisation run purely by volunteers, Forces Online has a number of charitable aims and initiatives. These include raising money to support Holly Court Veterans Centre.
  3. Forgotten Veterans UK – An initiative that supports all service veterans in need, Forgotten Veterans UK (FVUK) lends a hand to servicemen and women from all walks of life. This might include: financial assistance, more general advice and support, befriending and acting as a gateway to organisations offering more specialist assistance.
  4. Help a Squaddie – For the past three years, this non-profit organisation has been helping socially and economically disadvantaged ex-military personnel and their families in the Midlands to develop their social skills. At their twice monthly free drop-in centre, Help a Squaddie provides everything from therapy for PTSD to advice on housing and benefits.
  5. Phoenix Heroes – This non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) specialises in helping veterans with PTSD. Based on the concept of veterans supporting veterans, Leicester-based Phoenix Heroes works with local organisations as a support platform to find places for veterans and their families in outdoor group activity programmes where they do things such as fishing and horse-riding and learn skills for employment.
  6. PHP Active CIC – Working with local and national agencies to develop and support community physical activity interventions for military veterans, PHP Active has links with both professional and amateur sports clubs. They work wonders in helping ex-military personnel readjust to civilian life by providing opportunities to improve physical and mental health, with activities from walking and cycling to archery and golf, as well as developmental training and social initiatives.
  7. Service Dogs UK – Because life is better with a dog, Service Dogs UK trains and provides PTSD assistance dogs to support members of the armed forces and emergency services. Covering an area of West ‪Sussex, ‪‎Surrey and East and North ‪‎Hampshire, they train four-legged friends to help their owners deal with common PTSD issues from nightmares and flashbacks to anxiety and forgetting to take medication.
  8. The Tommy Atkins Centre – Combining a drop-in service in Worcester, a free online veterans’ therapy service for dealing with service trauma and working with Combat Stress (the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health), The Tommy Atkins Centre (TAC) makes sure veterans within the community are fully supported.
  9. Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing – A CIC initiative that provides recovery activities, crisis support, coaching and mentoring to emergency service personnel and members of the armed forces with complex mental health needs such as addiction, Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing – who uses the mantra #BeSmartGetHelp – believes in mindfulness as a crucial tool for our veterans and runs courses for the families of those suffering with mental health issues.
  10. Veterans Association UK – A registered charity committed to helping veterans, serving military and their families with housing, mental health, physical disability and social welfare issues, The Veterans Association UK (VAUK) helps UK emergency services veterans too. Just one of the excellent projects they undertake includes training caseworkers and regional coordinators to high standards to ensure veterans receive the best quality of care and support available.  

So, which is the best veterans’ charity to donate to?

The answer to this is simple. In order to make sure your pounds and pennies end up in a place, where they’ll be used to the advantage of those most in need, subscribe to Veterans Raffle where your subscription will currently be pooled so that you can make part of one bigger and more impactful donation.

We’ve done the research to see who most needs financial help and we support all the veterans’ charities and organisations mentioned above by donating to at least one every second month. We’ve already donated to Walnut Tree who have used the money to replace stolen equipment from one of their response cars and Building Heroes and Veterans Association who have both also put the money to good use.

Subscribe to Veterans Raffle today and start making a difference to no less than 10 veterans charities who most need your help, while being in with a chance to win up to £25,000.

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