Fortune Knocks Twice!

Published on 1 September 2018

Fortune Knocks Twice!

Fortune knocks twice for lucky Worthing couple 

A lucky couple have each won a prize in the new Veterans Raffle, promoted by YES Society. It supports the specialist UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services charities desperately in need of additional funding, and it’s the only UK raffle or lottery to apportion 95% of your donations to charity & prizes. 

Mark, a self-confessed petrol head and lover of military aviation, said “I had already pre-registered for the Veterans Raffle launch in May this year and when I won a £100 prize in my very first draw, I encouraged my wife Catherine to enter too. We were both absolutely amazed when she also won a £100 prize in her first draw, which was just 2 months after my win!”

Why did you choose to support the Veterans Raffle?

NHS nurse, Catherine said “We saw the Veterans Raffle advertised locally and upon visiting their website we instantly became aware of just how little we knew about lotteries in general, including those we had been supporting for years. With such compelling facts right before my eyes it became a ‘No-Brainer’ to switch my support to the Veterans Raffle.”

A beneficiary of the Veterans Raffle, Tony Hayes, CEO & Founder of the Veterans Association UK said: “We’re extremely grateful for the Veterans Raffle support. The Veterans Raffle provides crucial funds for the valuable work that we do. I’m particularly impressed with the percentage that is given to charities like us and also ‘Gobsmacked’ how generous the prizes are too. I don’t know of any other lottery that comes even close to being so transparent about what goes where and who gets what. They’ve really put a lot of thought and planning into the Veterans Raffle and I can see it really taking-off once word gets around. We’re doing all we can to help them to help us.”

The Veterans Raffle– Enter today to support our ex-servicemen & women

 Every month there are guaranteed Winners for every prize drawn, from no less than £100 right up to a potential £25,000

Find Out More About Veterans Raffle

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