Fortune Knocks Twice

Published on 1 September 2018

Fortune Knocks Twice

Fortune has knocked twice for a very lucky Worthing couple.

A lucky couple have each won a draw prize in the new Veterans Raffle, promoted by YES Society. The raffle supports a selection of specialist UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services charities that are desperately in need of additional funding. The Veterans Raffle is the only UK lottery to apportion 95% of total lottery proceeds to charity & prizes combined. 

Mark, a self-confessed petrol head and lover of military aviation too, said “I had already pre-registered for the Veterans Raffle for quite some time so I was ready for their launch draw in May this year and when I won a £100 prize in their very first draw I immediately encouraged my wife Catherine to enter too. We were both absolutely amazed when she also won a £100 prize in her very first draw, which was just 2 months after my win!”

So why did you choose to also support the Veterans Raffle?

NHS nurse, Catherine said “We both saw the Veterans Raffle advertised locally and upon visiting their website we instantly became aware of just how little we knew about lotteries in general, including those we had been supporting for years. With such compelling facts and figures right before my eyes it became a ‘No-Brainer’ to switch our support to the Veterans Raffle.”

The jackpot winning odds of the Veterans Raffle are a clear winner in the UK and to win any of their draw prizes starting from an impressive £100 are also very favourable odds, as Mark and Catherine will confirm. Whilst the opportunity of winning a prize is the basic foundation for joining a lottery such as the Veterans Raffle, it’s second to the importance of helping to raise invaluable funds for our UK specialist Armed Forces and Emergency Services veterans charities, and especially those that never receive any government funding and due to being a lot less known than the big forces charities such as the Royal British Legion, Help For Heroes and Combat Stress etc., they simply don’t receive enough of the funding pot so generously donated to by the amazing British public.

The Veterans Raffle– Enter today to support our servicemen & women

 Every month there are guaranteed Winners for every prize drawn, from no less than £100 right up to a potential £25,000

Find Out More About Veterans Raffle

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