A Successful Veterans Raffle Rebrand

Published on 25 September 2018

A Successful Veterans Raffle Rebrand

Veterans Raffle launched in May 2018 and now provides the public the opportunity for a feel-good factor whilst donating to specialist UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services charities. After being awarded a government grant for digital marketing this raffle has gone back to the drawing board with regard to its marketing strategy.

Originally branded as the YES Society Charity Raffle, the first port of call was to choose a trading name that truly represented what they actually do and why they do it. So, as soon as they were awarded Small Business Growth Grant Funding, they sought a clean, fresh logo to show that a celebration of the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Emergency Services are at the heart of what the Veterans Raffle does. At the same time, they also dropped the use of the Union Flag background to their logo as it was very obvious that far too many organisations had adopted the use of the Union Flag in their logo’s and this had prevented the Veterans Raffle from standing out from the crowd.

Now that the Veterans Raffle has its own clean and very distinctive logo, it can now begin to create a following from those who share the importance of both supporting home-grown charities as well as to respect the support received from the British public. The Veterans Raffle is the UK leader in both these aspects by a huge margin as it apportions a staggering 95% to both charity and prizes combined! The Veterans Raffle have not simply followed the tradition of engaging 3rd parties to promote their raffle, because this old method is far too costly and significantly eats into the funds raised each month; the Veterans Raffle instead chose to spend a while longer creating their own draw software so that they would be able to do everything in-house themselves, thus keeping costs to an absolute minimum of just 5%.

The Veterans Raffle Facebook page is already shaping up as a hub of information on military and emergency services topics and letting followers know about fundraising events for veterans in greatest need! Make sure you give the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/veteransraffle/) a LIKE & FOLLOW and become part of the troop that makes the Veterans Raffle colours fly.

The Veterans Raffle– Enter today to support our servicemen & women


 Every month there are guaranteed Winners for every prize drawn, from no less than £100 right up to a potential £25,000

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