This is the Veterans Raffle

Published on 11 July 2018

This is the Veterans Raffle

During recent attendance at various Armed Forces events, a few members of the public have mistakenly thought that they were already supporting the Veterans Raffle, but they were wrong!

We do not wish to discourage support of any charity supporting our Armed Forces Veterans however none of the existing charities promoting lotteries reward the support of the public to the extent of the Veterans Raffle.

We apportion 40% towards Prizes, whereas some lottery promoters are only apportioning @ 3 – 8% which, in our opinion is totally unethical & immoral.

A spokesperson from the Veterans Raffle stated that they would be concerned if members of the public were to accidentally commit their support to the wrong raffle/lottery however, they will continue to highlight their significant benefits over the competition in the hope that even if someone were to accidentally subscribe to the wrong raffle/lottery, that they’d soon discover their error and switch accordingly!

Those already registered with the Veterans Raffle are enjoying prizes from £100 up to £25,000, which of course others aren’t offering, or only if you win a multi-rollover. They certainly don't offer the fantastic Winning Odds of the Veterans Raffle.  

Whether making a single donation or entering the Veterans Raffle, on behalf of all the specialist Veterans Charities, we would like to say a huge “Thank You”. 

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