Summer's here & June Draw's near!

Published on 26 June 2018

Summer's here & June Draw's near!

The entrant’s names for the June Veterans Raffle draw are now locked into our system, as the cut-off for entry has just been initiated.

New subscribers, especially the very late registrations now anxiously await notification that their donation payments have cleared in time to also be included in Saturday's draw. Our raffle draw will take place in-between the World Cup football, so this is going to be another very exciting evening indeed for the Veterans Raffle team. Shortly after the draw at least seven more lucky winners are going to receive an automated notification emails which is going to put a smile on their faces.

Whilst it’s incredibly fulfilling to award draw prizes to our supporters it’s also such a wonderful experience to be able to transfer invaluable funds once again to help our fabulous Good Causes. This is a real team effort though. Without the public supporting the Veterans Raffle we wouldn’t be able to raise our unrestricted funds for the UK Armed Forces & Emergency Services specialist charities that we’ve chosen to help fund. The Veterans Raffle play a big part in this too because we’re so proud of the fact that we’ve managed to design and build a fundraising platform that can operate on the lowest percentage of any lottery in the UK and that means that we’re able to apportion the highest percentage towards charity and prizes combined too.

So, take a moment to recap on some amazing Veterans Raffle statistics:

  • The UK’s lowest operational costs (5%)
  • The UK’s highest percentage to charity & prizes combined (95%)
  • The safest method of entry & payment (no lost tickets)
  • No rollovers (Guaranteed jackpot every month)
  • Guaranteed winners every draw
  • No 3rd party profiting from your charity!

The Veterans Raffle is the only UK lottery that genuinely rewards the support and loyalty of our very generous general public. We are also the only lottery that also provides regular long-term funding to help secure the future of the non-government funded smaller UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services specialist Good Causes that we list on the Veterans Raffle website and work so tirelessly to help make each and every one of them a successful organisation for many years to come.

The Veterans Raffle– Enter today to support our servicemen & women

Every month there are guaranteed Winners for every prize drawn, from no less than £100 right up to a potential £25,000

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