Launch of the Veterans Raffle

Published on 31 May 2018

Launch of the Veterans Raffle

Well that was a real mixture of nervous excitement and relief but to our delight everything went without incident.

The Veterans Raffle draw programme delivered and randomly selected seven names and each lucky winner was then sent an automated notification by email. However, our evening didn’t end there, and the excitement continued for a while longer as we received surprise responses back from two winners who both requested that their prize be re-drawn to enable others to get the opportunity of winning a raffle prize. Whilst we were initially shocked ourselves, we also thought this a lovely gesture. It also gave us a golden opportunity to put another feature to the ultimate test.

Once again, our Veterans Raffle draw programmed delivered and two alternative names were randomly drawn from just the initial two winners’ groups. A further two delighted people received email notifications that they had won a raffle draw prize. This wasn’t just a one-off event; this was to be a monthly activity for many years to come. A new fundraising venture to supply a much-needed additional revenue stream for a group of very worthy Good Causes that provide an invaluable support service to a growing number of very deserving individuals who are quite simply not in a good place right now.

The Veterans Raffle has gone from an idea to become a reality. It has been launched with the support of a small group of like-minded caring individuals and it will now go out to the masses up and down the country. The Veterans Raffle can accommodate and support around 20 charities nationally as it grows in popularity however, due to current licence restrictions for all society lotteries within the UK the Veterans Raffle can never support too great a number of charities because spreading funding over too many charities simply wouldn’t provide financial stability or security for them all, and that would ultimately do more harm than good.

This launch draw may have come to a close, but we certainly won’t be resting as tomorrow we begin the task of building upon this foundation and doing all we can to spread the word of the Veterans Raffle and we’ll be encouraging as many others to do the same.

The Veterans Raffle– Enter today to support our servicemen & women

 Every month there are guaranteed Winners for every prize drawn, from no less than £100 right up to a potential £25,000

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